Studbolts - Hot-Dip Galvanized - hex bolt

Mechanical engineering

In this extensive and customer-oriented sector, unique machines and equipment are constructed or existing parts are processed. This often involves the expansion or improvement of product techniques or the development and mechanical engineering (processing) of a component for a specific purpose. Customisation almost always plays a significant role here, which requires special parts. Whether this involves an entirely new part, a special type of material or a particular coating, Stokvis Trading BV ensures that the right product is readily available.

Thanks to our know-how and our extensive network of specialised companies, we can assist you on all levels. In addition, we are fully up-to-date on the required quality and stamp marks (i.e.  Lloyds and TÜV) and the costs related with respect to materials and products. We make the costs transparent for you in advance, so that no unexpected surprises lie in store. Stokvis Trading BV has built up such a reputable name for itself that it has become the standard supplier for a number of producers.