Aluminium Plated (en PTFE Coating)

Aluminium basecoat and PTFE topcoat

This coating combination provides an extremely efficient protection against corrosion, consisting of a galvanic aluminium basecoat, followed by a PTFE topcoat.

Advantages of this duplex coating:
– Excellent salt-test results; up to 12000 hours reports are available.
– Ecological because Aluminium is an inert material.
– Coating can be applied in a controllable and even way.
– The PTFE topcoat ensures a low friction coefficient and therefore a controllable tightening moment.
– The inside of the nuts is also protected.
– Can be created in almost every colour. This is proven useful regarding recognition of material and / or maintenance dates.
– Unlike zinc, Aluminium does not dissolve in seawater.

Just like with the production of Xylar – Xylan, this process is extensive and keeping it controlled is of vital importance. All items need to be 100% free of dirt, grease and rust, and nuts need to be properly oversized to preserve the proper fitting. Applying the aluminium coat is done in a vacuum with a process originally developed by Siemens.

As aluminium is susceptible to damage by abrasion it still needs to be covered for protection. This is where the PTFE topcoat is of vital importance as it protects the aluminium coating from being worn off. The application process of the PTFE topcoat also requires strict adherence to system parameters to guarantee a thorough coating.


Purpose-made hanging racks are necessary for every bolt and nut size. These advanced tools are key as they will be one of the determining factors of the final quality of the aluminium coating. Having ill fitted racks can lead to a loss of aluminium.

All of the above mentioned surface treatments are available within our program and we have daily contact with our suppliers, as well as our transporters so that we can ensure a fast delivery time. We even produce the more “exotic” processes, such as the aluminizing process, on a daily basis. However, due to the extensive nature of such processes, it is important to keep in mind that longer production times could lead to longer delivery times.

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