Studbolts - Hot-Dip Galvanized - hex bolt


Geomet (Dracal) technology offers an environment friendly alternative for coating or galvanizing smaller metal products using solvents by means of mechanical or electroplating. With this process, a zinc-aluminium lamellar structure of coating is applied. This results in an extremely high corrosion resistance. A second major advantage is that there is no risk of hydrogen embrittlement occurring. First of all, the products are degreased one by one by means of centrifugation. Next, they undergo alkaline degreasing and are then rinsed and dried. The chemical pre-treatment and blasting forms the basis for a good adhesive bond. Then the actual coating process begins. Depending on the customer’s requirements, 2 or 3 layers will be applied. The Geomet process is chromium free and therefore also meets the demands of the most recent EU directives.