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Hot Dip Galvanized

Hot Dip Galvanized, The method for Hot-Dip galvanising fasteners utilises the centrifuge process with increased zinc bath temperature. The product is immersed into a molten bath of zinc, whereby a large block of zinc is heated to a temperature of around  400° C. During the immersion process, the product is coated with a layer of liquid zinc and this layer solidifies immediately after the product if lifted out of the bath. The coating is less shiny and after a few days it usually has a matt gray appearance. The layer thickness of the Hot-Dip Galvanized is not determined by the time that the product is immersed in the bath, but by the thickness of the material. The coating layer thickness is at least 60 µm and sometimes can increase up to 200 µm. The advantages of galvanising at these temperatures are that the low viscosity of the zinc during the centrifuge process and the influence of the silicon are eliminated. The disadvantages of hot-dip galvanising are the droplet formation and distortion of thin material.

The relevant products in our assortment are hot-dipped in accordance with the internationally applicable ISO 1461 standard (comparable to the ASTM A-153 standard).

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