Studbolts - Hot-Dip Galvanized - hex bolt

Xylar 1 / Xylan 1070

Xylar 1 is a ceramic-metal type coating, which offers resistance to oxidation at high temperatures and long-term salt fog protection. Xylar 1 can be applied without post-treatment and is usually used as a base coat for materials, after which a top coat is applied. This top coat is usually Xylan 1070 from Whitford. This is a PTFE coating, also called fluoropolymer coating, based on an organic solvent and it was initially developed at the beginning of the 1970s for coating fastening materials. This combination of Xylar 1 with Xylan 1070 provides excellent corrosion protection, neutral salt spray test up to 4,000 hours. The friction coefficient is also very low, lower than, for example, electrolytic zinc plating. The combined layer thickness of these 2 coatings is usually approximately 50 mu and the processed materials can be used at temperatures ranging from -195° C to +535°C for Xylar and from -195° C to +260° C for Xylan 1070.

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